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With the rapid progress of high-speed image processing and image projection technologies, high-speed and adaptive image acquisition and projection are increasingly demanded. Our laboratory proposes a new media technology named Dynamic Image Control (DIC)

that indicates a technical concept of dynamic and adaptive control of image acquisition and/or projection depending on the scene.


DIC requires optimization of all components of imaging and projection system, including imagers, processors, optics, and illumination. Thus, both device and system/application are studied in this laboratory.


Supposed application fields of DIC are image industries such as films and advertisements, medicine and biology requiring microscopic measurement, factory automations and man-machine interface requiring comprehensible images. 


Oku laboratory was established at April 2014 in Faculty of Science and Technology, Gunma University, Japan. Our goal is to create new imaging technologies such as dynamic imaging and image based measurement based on two unique technologies, high-speed image processing and high-speed optical device/unit.

Applications of Dynamic Image Control

  • Optical Instruments  (Camera), Gaze and imaging control of professional broadcasting instruments

  • Image recording based on tracking

  • High-speed autofocusing, Extended DOF imaging

  • Medicine, Biology, Life Science

    • Microscopie/Endoscopic manipulation assist

    • Medical Diagnosys (Cell, Blood, Sperm Motility) 

  • Factory Automation, Robotics with image control

  • High-speed gaze and focus control of security camera

  • Information display method on dynamic objects

    • Dynamic projection mapping, Augumented Reality

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